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10 reasons to serve ice cream at your wedding

I was once asked why ice cream is suitable for weddings. I thought about it for a while wondering what would be the best way to present the information and how I could make it effective. So here’s what I arrived with, a list.

Ice Cream at Weddings

Ice Cream at Weddings

10 reasons to serve ice cream at your wedding, in no particular order:

1. It’s Fun (No explanation required)
2. It’s Memorable (Can you remember what you had for dessert at the last wedding you attended?)
3. Kids love it (Put something fancy in front of their noses and they don’t want to know)
4. It’s cool (Like Fonzy, if unsure ask your parents)
5. No washing up (Either eat the cone or throw the tub in the bin, result)
6. Variety of flavours (Lemon meringue, Rhubarb & Custard, Turkish Delight and safe old Vanilla. There’s something to suit everyone)
7. It’s cold (Different to cool, ideal on a hot day)
8. The accompaniments (Colourful plastic spoons, cardboard tubs, flakes, sauces etc.)
9. Cost effective (Wedding catering can cost between £25 – £50 per head, ice cream’s less than £2.50)
10. No preparation (No cooking required, just scoop and you’re away)

So there you go, I did think of a couple more reasons but I wanted to stick to 10. I’d love to hear your suggestions too.