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A custom ice cream tricycle for any occasion

I’m always thinking of ideas of how to add value to my service. I’ve designed a few custom panels that can be fitted to the outside of the freezer so that a customer can choose which colour scheme they would like. After testing a few on social media these are the three that I finally arrived with. I’ve tried to give them a vintage/retro feel and chose colours which I think would be appealing. A suitable coloured parasol will also be attached to the ice cream tricycle.


For a bit of fun, I’ve also created a Game of Thrones style design too. I’m hoping someone in the near future may decide on a themed wedding or event.

Game of Thrones

Game of Cones, Mint Choc is coming


How much Pimms do I need for my DIY Wedding?

Because I dry hire out my Pimms bike I often get asked how many bottles of Pimms/Lemonade would the customer need to buy for a certain number of guests.

I had a peep online and found this guideline which is quite helpful and should also give you a rough idea of cost. Pimms is usually mixed on a 3 to 1 ratio. Also remember that by the time you’ve added fruit and ice it will stretch a bit further too.

Based on 100 guests having 1 serving of Pimms in 70ml glasses here’s what you would need:

2 x 1 litre bottles of Pimms approx £15 a bottle £30
6 x litres of lemonade approx 50p per litre £3
Strawberries, Orange, Cucumber, Mint and ice to garnish
33p per per serving*

Based on 100 guests having 1 serving of Pimms in 340ml hi-ball glasses here’s what you would need:

9 x 1 litre bottles of Pimms approx £15 per bottle £135
27 x litres of lemonade approx 50 per litre £13.50
Strawberries, Orange, Cucumber, Mint and ice to garnish
£1.49 per serving*

A novel idea is to serve your Pimms in jam jars with a straw.
Based on 100 guests having 1 serving of Pimms in 200ml jam jar here’s what you would need:

5 x 1 litre bottles of Pimms approx £15 per bottle £75
15 x litres of lemonade approx 50 per litre £7.50
Strawberries, Orange, Cucumber, Mint and ice to garnish
83p per serving*

I hope this helps

Download our Pimms Calculator

*Prices as of April 2014, based on buying from Tesco



One for the scrap book…..

Around May last year I got a phone call from an events company who were hosting a “corporate picnic” near Bristol. I submitted a quotation which they duly accepted and said they would be in touch nearer the time to confirm details.

Two weeks before the event I dropped the company email to find out where and when I would be required. The location was Hanham Court near Bristol, a Sunday in June. I did what I usually would do and googled the venue and followed them on twitter. I sent them a tweet telling them how much I was looking forward to visiting their lovely house for the corporate picnic. They responded with thanks and said it was a bit more than just a picnic and I may recognise some of the guests…..I was intrigued.


The following day I called the events company and asked them out straight who the function was for as I had an inclination that it could be a high brow event. It turns out that it was for Hamish Bowles’s 50th birthday party, the International Editor at Large for non other than Vogue.

Later that day I was emailed a production booklet for the day which listed some of the other suppliers that were going to be key to the day. Kitty Arden, florist to the Queen, chef Margot Henderson and celebrity photographer Merry Brownfield were a few names on the list.

Production Booklet download

To say I was nervous and quite excited was an understatement and immediately went into panic mode. Was my current set up going to be suitable enough? What was I going to wear etc, etc.

My side table of treats was my first priority, I couldn’t present my sauces and sprinkles in plastic containers as I had previously. I nipped into Somerton to do a spot of shopping and found just what I wanted in the first shop, stacking, glass sauces bottles and some sundae dishes and spoons which would be perfect for my sprinkles.image

The big day arrived, I arrived at Hanham Court and was shown my spot in the garden. I must have got there a couple of hours earlier than I should as it was a hot day and didn’t want to rush to set up.

I had been wondering who some of the guests might be, the first chap I spotted was Gordon from the TV program Four Rooms. Gradually more people arrived, I must admit I didn’t recognise many of them but I could tell they must be big in the fashion world. John Taylor from Duran, Duran was the only person I spotted, he was quite partial to Rhubarb and Custard ice cream.

I later discovered that shoe designers Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Bruno Frisoni, and Nicholas Kirkwood were there as well as fashion photographer Mario Testino. Here’s a link to an article on the Vogue website which describes the day and also has a few images. Me and my tricycle appear in a few of them, I never imagined I would ever appear in Vogue.



Living the Cream meets Off Their Rockers

Last year I was approached by a TV production company who were filming for a new series of “Off their rockers”. It’s a hidden camera show based around OAP’s who try and catch out unsuspecting members of the general public. They were filming a sketch in Newquay and required an ice cream tricycle. I don’t want to tell what the sketch involved but here’s a picture of the main character, Seb, stood next to my trike.


It was very interesting to see how the program is made. Cameras were concealed inside prams, I had to wear a hidden ear piece and microphone and took directions from the producer. They finally got some footage after 3 failed attempts, many of the victims recognised Seb from last years series however a couple of lads fell foul. The new series starts tonight, Sunday, at 7.30pm tonight. Keep those eyes peeled.