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Get your hands on my nuts

I knew at the end of September that my ice cream bookings were going to slow down, so had to think of something else to keep me going over the winter months.

I wanted to use the equipment I already owned and adapt it to suit. After much deliberation I decided that Hot Chestnuts were the way forward, after all it sort of fitted in with my traditional theme.

So I went for it, I visited my local grocer to find out whether he could get chestnuts in bulk and asked him whether he’d had any experience. I’d struck gold as he’d sold roasted chestnuts before. He gave me a rough idea of what I might need to do the job so I went home and scribbled a rough plan on a piece of paper.

I took a trip up the local industrial area and asked a friend of my father whether he could make one. It wasn’t his sort of thing but pointed me in the direction of a fabricator just round the corner. I’d struck gold again, the chap I went to see was the partner of a lady who’d I worked with previously and got on really well with. I had taken their son to his prom in Arthur my VW camper-van a couple of years previously.

So I now have my roaster and an extraordinary amount of work for it; Christmas markets, late night shopping, Dickensian evenings, race meetings the list goes on.